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Hamilton Gas Furnace and Air Conditioning Installation

Hamilton, New Jersey HVAC Installation Project: Carrier Heating & Air Conditioning System

The Lupinacci family lives in a comfortable split level home in Hamilton, NJ. However recently, they noticed that their home HVAC system was not operating at a level that was able to keep the comfortable temperatures they were used to.

The Lupinacci family decided to call PFO Heating & Air Conditioning to try to solve their problem. Our service technician, Casey Gainey, inspected their gas furnace and air conditioning unit and saw problems with both. The only solution that Casey thought would truly provide the Lupinacci’s with the comfort they were used to was an HVAC system replacement.


The Lupinacci family noticed that their gas furnace was becoming noisy and that their air conditioning unit was not providing them with the comfort they were used to.


PFO Heating & Air Conditioning installed a Carrier 80% Gas Furnace (58STA090) with a Carrier case coil (CNPVP3617) as well as a New Line set, and a 16 SEER 410A condenser unit (24ABC636).

Providing Greater Comfort and Less Cost in Hamilton NJ

Carrier Comfort 80 Installation In Hamilton, NJ

carrier heating and cooling hamilton njCarrier is well known in the HVAC industry for providing industry leading equipment and the Comfort 80 Gas Furnace is no exception. The Lupinacci family will now benefit from:

  • Up to 80.0% AFUE heating efficiency
  • Single-stage operation
  • Fixed-speed blower motor
  • Low NOx models available (58STX)
  • 10-year parts limited warranty
  • 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty
  • Sound reduction: fully insulated cabinet and QuieTech™ noise reduction

This gas furnace should last the Lupinacci for years to come and provide them with worry-free comfort whenever they need it!

Carrier HVAC Systems Provide Quiet Operation And Energy Savings

Carrier Comfort 24ABC636 Residential Air Conditioner Condenser Installation in New Jersey

carrier hvac installation hamilton njThe Lupinacci family had a major project on their hands requiring the replacement of both their gas furnace and their air conditioning unit. PFO Heating & Air Conditioning worked closely with the Lupinacci family to discuss their cooling needs and to find a system that would be optimized for their energy usage, home size, and budget. Our expert service technicians were able to quickly and effectively install the new unit for the Lupinacci family and make sure their interruption from the comfort they were used to was minimal.

The Carrier Comfort 24ABC636 is one of the top air conditioner condensers on the market. Some of the great features of this model include:

  • 14 -16.5 SEER/11.0-13.5 EER
  • Sound level as low as 76 dBA
  • Supports Edger Thermidistatt or standard thermostat controls
  • Puron refrigerant-environmentally sound, won’t deplete the ozone layer and low lifetime service cost.
  • Balanced refrigeration system for maximum reliability
  • Solid durable sheet metal construction
  • Dense wire coil guard standard
  • Baked-on complete outer coverage, powder paint

If you think your home is in need of an AC or furnace replacement, contact the heating and cooling experts at PFO Heating & Air Conditioning! We provide clean, reliable, year-round comfort with a service team that’s sure to outperform all the competition.

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Signs It’s Time for A Hamilton Heating or Air Conditioning Replacement

Heating Replacement Service in Hamilton, NJ

HVAC serviceHas your heater not been providing you with comfort that’s adequate for your needs? If so contact PFO Heating & Air Conditioning today! We’ve put together a few different common signs that it’s time to upgrade your heating system to a modern one:

Age: If your furnace is in the range of 15-20 years old, you should think about replacing it. Even if there’s nothing necessarily wrong with your system, you most likely want to upgrade because of the energy savings from a more efficient unit.
Rising Energy Bills: If you notice your energy bills rising more than 5% per month, it’s most likely time for heating replacement.
Uneven Heating: If your furnace is heating your home unevenly and you’re noticing warm spots throughout your home, this is a telltale sign that you need to upgrade your system.
Frequent Repairs: If your home heating system requires repairs more than once a year, it’s time for a replacement. This means that almost every aspect of your system is starting to fail and the only solution to that is a new system.

If you’re in need of heating repair contact PFO Heating & Air Conditioning today! We provide the hands down best service in the Hamilton, NJ area.

Hamilton, NJ Air Conditioner Replacement

Just as important as heating replacement service is air conditioning replacement. We all know how hot the New Jersey summers can get and the advantage of having a reliable air conditioner cannot be understated. Most of the signs that are associated with an air conditioner repair are the same as the ones for heating repair so if you’re noticing any of those signs with your air conditioner contact PFO Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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The Lupinacci family is now benefiting from brand new HVAC equipment that will last them for years to come. The Carrier air conditioner and Carrier gas furnace we installed in their home are some of the best products on the market. To keep these machines and ones like it in your home running at their peak performance, enroll in regular maintenance services from PFO Heating & Air Conditioning today.

PFO Heating & Air Conditioning offers superior HVAC services that can greatly increase your home comfort levels while lowering your monthly energy costs. We specialize in heating and AC tune-ups, replacements, and repairs.

If you require an HVAC upgrade, our NATE certified technicians have the knowledge and experience to find the best and most energy efficient system to meet your heating and cooling requirements. Your satisfaction is a top priority and we guarantee all of the work that we do for you. Be sure to give us a call today. We offer free, in-home estimates.  Call now!

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