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Actual Case Studies For Real Jobs We Performed

Our customers and potential future customers like to see examples of projects that we have performed. This page is dedicated to featuring examples of heating and cooling installations and repair jobs. We also have examples of oil tank installations, back generators and more.

We invite you to browse though the case studies that apply to your specific needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

hvac installation project whiting nj

Installation Project In Whiting, New Jersey Of A New Oil Furnace & Central Air Conditioning System

Problem: The Palmer family was experiencing an air flow problem with their oil York DMR furnace, making their home uncomfortable.

Solution: PFO Heating & Air Conditioning installed a new Granby Conforto oil-fired furnace with a Beckett burner as well as a Carrier air conditioning system. Additionally, by moving the return from the rear of the unit to underneath, as is recommended by the manufacturer, we were able to improve their airflow thus increasing their heating and cooling comfort.

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New Gas Boiler Installation Project In Ewing, New Jersey

Problem: The Ordille family, in Ewing, New Jersey, had a Weil-McLain oil heating system that was at least 20 years old and on the verge of permanently breaking. Additionally, their oil tank was deteriorated and needed to be replaced.

Solution: PFO Heating & Air Conditioning installed a new Thermoflo gas boiler, a new State gas water heater and a new lifetime stainless steel chimney liner.

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Gas Heating System Upgrade In Pennington, New Jersey

Problem: The Nochera’s old gas boiler heating system, a Burnham cast iron sectional boiler, was leaking between the sections and was unrepairable.

Solution: PFO Heating & Air Conditioning diagnosed the existing boiler and determined it needed to be replaced. We quickly replaced the Burnham boiler with a new, gas Thermoflo boiler heating system.

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Thermo Dynamics Oil Boiler Installation

Oil Heating System Installation In Griggstown, New Jersey

Problem: The Holst household in Griggstown, NJ had an American Standard oil fired boiler that was over 40 years old. This system needed to be replaced in order to provide the home comfort that the Holst family desired.

Solution: PFO Heating & Air Conditioning installed a brand-new oil boiler heating system. The new equipment was a ThermoDynamics S100 boiler coupled with a Beckett oil burner and a coil to provide domestic hot water.

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replacement oil furnace new egypt nj

Oil Heating System Installation In New Egypt, New Jersey

Problem: A New Egypt homeowner was experiencing problems with their home heating system. Their 17-year old Ducane oil fired furnace had a cracked heat exchanger.

Solution: We installed a replacement heating system for the Paczkowski’s New Egypt, New Jersey home. The new oil system that we installed was a Granby Conforto KHM100 oil-fired furnace with a Beckett burner.

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replacement hvac system jobstown nj

Heating & Cooling System Installation In Jobstown, New Jersey

Problem: The DiPietro family was experiencing hot and cold spots throughout their home. Upon inspection by one of our HVAC experts, we determined that their existing heating system had a cracked heat exchanger. Furthermore, their existing central air conditioning system was running on outdated R-22 refrigerant. Both the heating and cooling system needed to be replaced.

Solution: We installed a brand-new heating and cooling system for the DiPietros. The new heater was a Granby Conforto KHM-100 equipped with a Beckett oil burner. The central air conditioning system we installed was a Payne AC unit.

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Pricneton NJ gas furnace installation after picture

Carrier Gas Furnace Installation In Princeton New Jersey

Problem: Because of the updated building codes, the Mitchner home needed to replace their old and outdated furnace. Instead of replacing their furnace with another one that uses fuel oil, they decided to convert their home to natural gas.

Solution: Their lowboy oil furnace was replaced with a Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace With Greenspeed – 59MN7. We rotated their new furnace 90 degrees and added return ductwork. Their new heater has an external filter rack for ease of maintenance and meets all current codes. We also installed a new variable speed fan on their air conditioner. This will help increase the efficiency. We expect to see a SEER increase from 15.5 to a 16.5.

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Mitsubishi Ductless AC Installation in Lambertville NJ

Problem: The Riedeburgs live in a large home that used many window units as their source for air conditioning in the summer. Window units are quite loud, expensive and do not provide the same level of comfort as an HVAC system.

Solution: We installed Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning units in their home. Their home is large. To cool their home, we installed one indoor unit downstairs and a second unit upstairs. A single outdoor unit was installed outside.

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exterior picture of home that got a new granby oil furnace in bordentown nj

Replacement Granby Oil Furnace in Bordentown NJ

Problem: The homeowner had an annual heating system tune-up performed. During this tune-up, our technicians discovered that the existing American Standard heater had a cracked heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger is a serious condition that can allow exhaust gases from the heater contaminate the household air with deadly carbon monoxide.

Solution: We installed a new oil-fired Granby furnace to provide comfortable, excellent and efficient heating. The Granby oil furnace is designed with the latest technology to meet their heating requirements using minimum space and producing maximum savings, keeping their heating bills low.

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this is the exterior picture of a case study for ductless air conditioning lawrenceville nj

Installation Case Study: Residential Ductless Air Conditioning Lawrenceville NJ

Problem: Rich lives in a large home but manly uses only three rooms. His existing system was propane fueled and very expensive to run due to heating and cooling unused portions of the home.

Solution: We installed a new Mitsubishi Ductless heat pump with an outdoor unit and two indoor units, one in the living room and kitchen area and one in the Master bedroom, where Rich spends 99% of his time. This new system has reduced the heating and cooling costs significantly.

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this is the exterior picture of a case study for gas furnace and air conditioning in Hamilton NJ

Residential Carrier Infinity Gas Furnace and AC System Installation in Hamilton NJ

Problem: Our customer Claire M. had an old York HVAC system that was performing poorly and the outside AC system located near the front door was very loud. Her old system also left certain rooms too hot or too cold which made her very uncomfortable

Solution: We installed a new Carrier Infinity 98% Gas Furnace with a two-stage outdoor AC unit in order to increase her house comfort and reduce energy costs. Also, the new outdoor AC equipment is much quieter now which was important for her because it is near the front door.

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Ewing NJ ranch style home

Carrier Gas Furnace Replacement In Ewing NJ

Problem: The homeowner noticed that their energy bills had increased. They also noticed that their home did not feel as comfortable as it should. When we assessed the situation, our service technician noticed that heating system had a cracked heat exchanger.

Solution: We installed a new, modern Carrier Infinity 98 gas furnace. It uses advanced technology which makes this heater extremely energy efficient. Also, it is exceptionally quiet. The new furnace provides an evenly matched heat throughout their home at a fraction of the cost.

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Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump Jacobstown NJ

Problem: The Hansens live in a farm style home that was depending on a Friedrich wall unit to keep their home comfortable. Consequently, it consumed quite a bit of energy in order to operate. Also, it was extremely loud which added to its lack of functionality.

Solution: We removed the Friedrich wall unit and quickly replaced it with a Mitsubishi ductless heat pump. Since the downstairs was the problem area, they had two indoor units and one outdoor unit installed. They will pay significantly less each month on their utility bill while enjoying their new quiet system.

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