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Keep Your Heating and Air Conditioning System Working Smoothly With Our Service Options

You wouldn’t drive your car or truck for 50,000 miles without changing the oil. Heating and cooling systems are no different, they need service to continue to operate in tip-top shape and efficiency. Learn more about:

Service Plans
Emergency Calls

PFO Heating & Air Conditioning offers unique service plans to meet the needs of your specific heating and cooling system.

Oil Heat

Comprehensive service plan that covers your oil fueled heating system.

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Gas Heat

Comprehensive service plan that covers your natural gas fueled heating system.

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AC Service

Comprehensive service plan that covers your central air conditioning system.

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Heating and Cooling Tune-Ups

Annual tune-ups for your heating and air conditioning equipment is necessary to ensure that your HVAC system is running the best that it can. Tune-up servicing will allow our technicians to perform preventative maintenance on your systems, helping to avoid unnecessary outages during the peak operating months of the year.

Emergency Heating or Cooling Service

PFO offers emergency “No Heat” and “No Cooling” repair services to homes and business within our service area. If you have a heating or cooling emergency, call us for immediate service.

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