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Hamilton NJ Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning Mitsubishi System Installation Project

The Angellini family’s current heating system was unreliable and not providing them with the comfort they need. Their guests would always say that their guest room was too hot or too cold. They called PFO Heating and Air Conditioning to evaluate their situation and provide a solution that would fix their problems.


The Angellini family was experiencing spotty heating and cooling throughout their home, a common problem in the HVAC world. They decided they had had enough of this issue and decided to call PFO Heating & Air Conditioning.


PFO Heating & Air Conditioning’s expert service technician, Casey Gainey, paid a visit to the Angellini home to help evaluate the situation and provide them with a home heating and cooling solution that was optimized for their needs and wouldn’t break the bank. PFO Heating & Air Conditioning installed 2 Mitsubishi MSZGL09 and an MSZGL06. In addition, a Mitsubishi MXZ3C24 condenser unit was installed outside their home.

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Mitsubishi Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems In Hamilton

PFO Heating & Air Conditioning installed 3 Mitsubishi ductless systems inside the Angellini’s home as well as a condenser outside. We recommended these systems as they’re known throughout the industry to be some of the most reliable, and also provide the best comfort.

There are many benefits from installing a ductless system in your home, the biggest being the energy savings. Whereas traditional heating systems such as furnaces or boilers create hot air by burning some sort of fuel, ductless systems simply move warm air from one place to another. This means it can operate not only as a heating unit but also as a cooling one too. When the temperature is cold outside, the system extracts tiny bits of warm air and brings them in your home. During the summer when it’s hot outside, it reverses the process and brings hot air from inside your house, outside!

Many homeowners use ductless systems as a supplemental heating or cooling system to their existing HVAC equipment. This can help them reduce their overall energy costs. Ductless systems are also perfect for homes that don’t already have ductwork in place and can be a much cheaper option.

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Mitsubishi – M-Series Outdoor Condenser (MXZ3C24)

The outdoor condenser portion of the ductless system is the most important as this is what brings the warm air in or pushes it outside. The Mitsubishi MXZ3C24 is one of the top models on the market and provides superior comfort and efficiency. Some of the benefits of installing this system in your home include:

  • Hyper-heating performance down to minus 13 degrees F outdoor ambient. 1
  • 11.3 – 9.8 HSPF.
  • Factory installed base heater – Prevents ice build up in extreme environments.
  • INVERTER-driven compressor.
  • Quiet outdoor unit operation as low as 49 dB(A).
  • 19.1 – 17.0 SEER.
  • 00% heating capacity at 5 degrees F outdoor ambient.
  • Active during the defrost cycle.
  • Optional M-NET adapter which allows the ability to quickly integrate advance controllers

The Angellini family will be benefitting from comfortable clean air for many years to come with this new heating and cooling system in their home! If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today!

Mitusbishi High Efficiency Air

Mitsubishi GL-Series Wall Mounted Unit (MSZGL09)

We installed 2- MSZGL09 units in the Angellini home due to their superior ability to push air out into the area they’re installed in and provide comfort in a moment’s notice. The biggest advantage of this unit is its advanced air filtration system. This unit combines a hybrid catechin deodorizing filter with an enzyme-based filter for managing allergens. This means that even though the system will be taking air in from outside, you never have to worry about your allergies acting up.

The other indoor unit we installed, the MSZGL06 is just a smaller version of the MSZGL09 and offers all the same features, including the advanced air filtration system.

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If you need an upgrade to your home heating system, contact PFO Heating & Air Conditioning for the best HVAC service in New Jersey. Our expert service technicians will provide you with comprehensive installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services to your home or commercial heating and cooling systems. Give us a call today at (800) 253-9001 to get started.

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Advantages of Installing a Ductless System In Hamilton NJ

Ductless systems are becoming more and more popular with homeowners throughout New Jersey and other areas with similar climates. They can provide supplemental heating and cooling to your regular HVAC equipment and help you lower your monthly energy costs. The biggest advantage is their energy efficiency. This is how installing a system can help you lower your energy bills. Ductless systems work on electricity instead of the typical gas or oil and thus, you’ll be spending less money on these things. We also previously talked about how installing a ductless system in a home that does not already have ducts is a much cheaper option than a full duct and system installation.

If you’re unsure if a ductless system is right for you, contact PFO Heating & Air Conditioning today for the best HVAC service in Southern New Jersey today.

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Get a Ductless Consult For Your Home

The Angellini family’s new ductless system will help supplement their current heating and cooling systems and provide relief in the spots in their home where they were experiencing issues with uncontrollable temperatures.

If you’re experiencing something similar or just want to learn more about how a ductless system may lower your monthly energy costs, contact PFO Heating & Air Conditioning today!

At PFO Heating & Air Conditioning, our team of NATE certified technicians can find the best heating and cooling solutions for your home. We aim to improve your comfort, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and other factors that impact your home comfort. All of our HVAC services are fast, friendly, and affordable. We offer free, in-home consultations so be sure to give us a call today.

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