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Installation Project In Whiting, New Jersey Of A New Oil Furnace & Central Air Conditioning System

The Palmer family was experiencing a comfort issue with their ranch-style house in Whiting, New Jersey. Since this home was constructed on a concrete slab, the interior ductwork posed a few challenges. The installation of the old York HVAC system was not done per manufacturer’s recommendations with regards to the ductwork. This impacted the airflow throughout the Palmer’s house.

We were able to upgrade the York Furnace with a brand-new Granby Conforto KHM100 oil furnace and a Beckett burner. In addition, we installed a Carrier air conditioning cased coil to provide central air conditioning. By reworking the ductwork around the return lines we were able to greatly improve the airflow and comfort for the Palmers.

Furthermore, the new system boasts an efficiency rating of 86% which will save the Palmer household energy expenses all year long. The Palmers enjoyed an additional savings of $250 in the form of a rebate from the state of New Jersey for installing such an energy-efficient system.


The Palmer family was experiencing an air flow problem with their oil York DMR furnace, making their home uncomfortable.


PFO Heating & Air Conditioning installed a new Granby Conforto oil-fired furnace with a Beckett burner as well as a Carrier air conditioning system. Additionally, by moving the return from the rear of the unit to underneath, as is recommended by the manufacturer, we were able to improve their airflow thus increasing their heating and cooling comfort.

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Providing Greater Comfort and Less Cost in Whiting NJ

Granby Conforto Installation In Whiting, NJ

hvac installation whiting njGranby Industries produces some of the highest quality heating and air equipment on the marketplace today. The KHM100 furnace is one of their flagship products and offers superior comfort and reliability to most other furnaces on the market. Thanks to its small footprint, the KHM100 can be installed almost anywhere and is a great choice if your current furnace is small.

The KHM100 is one of the most technologically advanced furnaces and it shows in its response time and accuracy to temperature change requests from the thermostat. You’ll be feeling the changes almost instantly and will never deal with a cold night again.

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Why You Should Upgrade Your New Jersey Home’s Furnace

oil furnace upgrade whiting njUpgrading any piece of HVAC equipment is a project no homeowner wants to deal with. Interrupted comfort, loud noises, potential damage, the list goes on and on. But with PFO Heating & Air Conditioning, we guarantee to not only have the fastest and least intrusive service on the marketplace but will ensure you know exactly what we’re doing at all times so you can rest easy.

When you choose PFO Heating & Air Conditioning for home furnace replacement, you’re investing in your home’s future. Just like almost every other industry, HVAC technology has increased exponentially over the past decade. The standard efficiency rates of equipment today is far superior to that of older units.

Upgrading your home heating unit such as a furnace or boiler will practically pay for itself in energy savings. You could see a 10-15% reduction in your monthly energy bill depending on how old and inefficient your current system is.

However, you shouldn’t be constantly upgrading your home’s heating system. Most home HVAC equipment is rated to last anywhere from 8-12 years depending on the type, model, brand, and how well you take care of it. Taking care of an HVAC unit is as easy as having annual routine maintenance performed on it. This can prevent any large problems from showing up unexpectedly and minimizing any potentially costly repairs you may need to have done.

The Best Carrier AC Replacement Services In New Jersey

carrier AC unitCarrier AC equipment is widely known not only by HVAC professionals but even by consumers as the cream of the crop when it comes to air conditioning systems. These AC systems are engineered to bring you the ultimate efficiency and comfort to your home. Once you use a Carrier AC system in your New Jersey home, you won’t ever want to switch to another brand.

Just like with heating systems such as furnaces and boilers, it’s extremely important to remember to have your home AC system undergo yearly routine maintenance. Having once a year maintenance done on your machine may sound unnecessary, but it will always be cheaper than if you wait until there’s a problem and it’s too late.

AC repair jobs can be costly and may sometimes end up require you to get a new system entirely. If you have just recently purchased an HVAC system for your New Jersey single family home, you wouldn’t want to lose out on your investment so quickly.

When you choose PFO Heating & Air Conditioning for your yearly maintenance on your home heating and cooling system, you’ll benefit from combined decades of experience between our technicians and your system will undergo a rigorous evaluation before we say it’s ok. At PFO Heating & Air Conditioning, our technicians treat every job like they’re working on their own home.

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The Palmer family will be happy and comfortable for years to come with their new total home HVAC replacement. In addition to all the energy savings they’ll benefit from in the future, they also received a $250 rebate from the state of NJ for choosing such a highly efficient machine!

For one of the best HVAC replacement companies in the area, contact PFO Heating & Air Conditioning.

We have NATE certified technicians on staff who possess the skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver high-quality heating and cooling services. Our expert technicians can help you find the best system for your home and install it for you. We prioritize efficiency, indoor air quality, and comfort.

We offer the most competitive HVAC replacement prices in the area. Furthermore, you can count on our installations to be fast, friendly,  and professional.

As a company that has been in the industry since 1942, you can rest assured that we prioritize our customer’s satisfaction and comfort. All of our work is guaranteed. Call PFO Heating & Air Conditioning now to schedule a free estimate. We will gladly take the time to answer any of your questions or concerns. Call now!

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