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Titusville Mitsubishi Heat Pump Install

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installation In Titusville New Jersey

The Loomis family were excited to move into their newly purchased home in Titusville, NJ. Their new home did not have a central AC system and with summer right around the corner, they needed to act fast. In these kinds of scenarios, a window AC unit is not a viable option from their high energy consumption and loud operation.

The Loomis family decided to call PFO Heating & Air Conditioning to not only install an AC system in their home but also upgrade their current boiler that their new home came with. Our cooling experts Nick and Chris provided an in-home consultation with the family and discussed their energy needs and budget. After these discussions, our technicians recommended a Mitsubishi ductless system and a new oil boiler.


The Loomis family’s new home was without an AC system and with summer right around the corner, they needed a solution fast. Utilizing window AC units would not only be inefficient but also would make their home noisy and not quite as comfortable as they’d like.


PFO Heating & Air Conditioning installed a Mitsubishi ductless system in their home as well as an updated boiler to ensure year-round comfort. Specifically, we installed an MXZ2C20, MSZGLO9, and an MSZGL12. The combination of the ductless system and the boiler will ensure that no matter how cold or hot it gets outside, the Loomis family will always feel comfortable in their new home.

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Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Split Systems In Titusville New Jersey

wall mounted Mitsubishi ductless mini split systemPFO Heating & Air Conditioning installed three Mitsubishi ductless units in the Loomis’ home. It was decided to go with two indoor units and one outdoor unit to properly cover their entire home. The two indoor units we installed, the MSZGLO9, and the MSZGL12 are top of the line units that will last the family for years and provide consistent, reliable comfort. The outdoor unit, the MXZ2C20, will ensure proper operation of the indoor units and is also a top of the line product.

At PFO Heating & Air Conditioning, we treat all our customers like family. That’s why we recommended Mitsubishi ductless systems to our customers because they offer not only high efficiency but also best in class comfort at a price that won’t break the bank. With the high efficiency, you can keep your energy costs low while setting the temperature to whatever you think is most comfortable.

One of the biggest advantages of ductless systems is their flexibility. In some cases, homeowners use ductless systems as their primary means of heating and cooling. In the case of the Loomis family, they’re utilizing their ductless system as a supplemental unit to their boiler. Ductless systems are a great option, but can’t always keep up in extreme cold or heat.

Mitsubishi MSZ GL12 Wall Mounted Unit

The Mitsubishi MSZ GL12 offers superior comfort at an industry-leading efficiency and a quiet, unintrusive operation. These units are rated to perform in temperatures as low as -13ºF so they’ll handle even the coldest New Jersey winters. By utilizing an MSZGL12, you can easily control the temperatures of a room or zone within your home. This allows for the creation of comfort zones in your home. For example, if you prefer your living room a little warmer and your bedroom cooler, a ductless system can easily accomplish this. Some of the other features of the MSZGL12 include:

  • A hybrid filter to manage allergins
  • Hot-start technology eliminating cold drafts
  • Dehumidification
  • Multiple control options

If you want to learn more about how installing a Mitsubishi ductless system in your home can improve your comfort and lower your monthly energy costs, contact us today!

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Mitsubishi MSZ GL09 Wall Mounted Unit

Mitusbishi High Efficiency AirOffering a 24.6 SEER rating, the MSZ GL09 is one of the best units on the market for indoor comfort. Mitsubishi offers their 5-year warranty on all parts within this model, so if there’s ever anything wrong, you’re covered. By installing a Mitsubishi MSZ GL09 wall-mounted unit in your home, you’ll benefit from year-round comfort at a cost that will make your wallet happy. This unit offers many of the same perks as the MSZ GL12 including:

  • A hybrid filter to manage allergins
  • Hot-start technology eliminating cold drafts
  • Dehumidification
  • Multiple control options
  • Smart set technology

If you’re interested in installing a Mitsubishi MSZ GL09 in your Titusville, New Jersey home, contact PFO Heating & Air Conditioning today!

Mitsubishi GL-Series Wall Mounted Unit (MSZGL09)

We installed 2- MSZGL09 units in the Angellini home due to their superior ability to push air out into the area they’re installed in and provide comfort in a moment’s notice. The biggest advantage of this unit is its advanced air filtration system. This unit combines a hybrid catechin deodorizing filter with an enzyme-based filter for managing allergens. This means that even though the system will be taking air in from outside, you never have to worry about your allergies acting up.

The other indoor unit we installed, the MSZGL06 is just a smaller version of the MSZGL09 and offers all the same features, including the advanced air filtration system.

mitsibushi ductless air conditioning

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Why Many New Jersey Homeowners Are Utilizing Ductless Systems

Ductless systems have quickly become one of the most popular methods of home heating and cooling on the market. They offer heating and cooling all in one and can function as a primary method of comfort, or can be a supplemental system to your existing equipment. Often times people utilize window AC units in their home to supplement their central air conditioner in the summer. The problem with this method is the low efficiency. Window AC units are not a great long-term option for cooling as they have a very high operational cost. On the other hand, ductless systems are highly efficient and can cool your home even better than a window unit. In addition, ductless systems operate at a much quieter volume than the typical window AC unit or space heater, leaving less of an impact on your day-to-day life.

If you’re unsure about whether or not a ductless system is right for you, contact us today for a free in-home consultation with one of our energy experts to discuss your needs.

ductless hvac

How Does A Ductless Mini-Split System Work?

Ductless mini-split systems operate differently from central air or heating. As the name implies, they do not require ductwork to cool or heat your home. This makes it a great option for older homes without existing ductwork as installing new ducts can be very expensive.

A typical ductless system consists of at least two units; an indoor one and an outdoor one. The outdoor one is the main way the ductless system is able to either move warm into your home or out from it. The indoor units push warm air into your home, or in the case of the cooling mode, pulls the warm air out. Ductless systems are modular, so they allow for multiple indoor units. This means you can easily control the temperature in a specific room.

Granby Standard Steel Oil Tanks In Titusville

The Loomis family can have peace of mind knowing that their oil tank is one of the highest quality tanks on the market, a Granby oil tank. Granby fuel oil tanks provide the following:

    • Safety: Bottom outlet configuration allows for natural elimination of water build-up from condensation
    • Durability:
      • Electrostatic powder-coated paint
      • Made of robust material
      • Improved packaging for increased product finish during freight and shelf storage life
    • Peace of Mind: 10 years against manufacturing defects
Oil Tank Installation Titusville NJ

Service By PFO Heating & Air Conditioning

The Loomis family now benefits from a superior home air conditioning and heating system. Their new home came without any sort of cooling system and now with the help of PFO Heating & Air Conditioning, they’ll be comfortable for years to come thanks to their Mitsubishi ductless system and their new boiler.

If you’re in a similar situation as the Loomis family and need a new air conditioning or heating system, contact us today to find out how we can improve your home’s comfort.
At PFO Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide top quality service combined with excellent products. Our service technicians treat every job like they’re working on their own home. We pride ourselves on offering the hands-down best service in the area with heating and cooling experts that have years of experience working on homes just like yours.

Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and see why so many people in the greater Titusville, New Jersey area rely on PFO Heating & Air Conditioning for all their HVAC needs.

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