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Payne Central A/C System Installation In Hamilton, NJ

When the summer temperatures rose, the Mikan Family gave PFO Heating & Air Conditioning a call. They noticed that their air conditioning system wasn’t working as efficiently as it did before. Their Hamilton NJ home felt uncomfortable, even if they cranked their AC system.

They could tell that something was wrong with their air conditioning unit as it could not keep up with the increasing heat outside. Therefore, the Mikans wanted PFO Heating & Air Conditioning to find an effective solution to make their Hamilton home comfortable again. Also, they were interested in decreasing their escalating energy costs.

Brian, one of PFO’s highly-skilled and experienced technicians, inspected and assessed their air conditioning system. It had a broken coil and condenser. Also, it used R-22 refrigerant. Brian recommended a central ac installation for the Mikan Family’s Hamilton NJ home.


The Mikan Family home had an older cooling unit. The condenser and coil were damaged, resulting in the system’s inefficiency and high energy bills. The old system also used R-22 refrigerant, which is now being phased out in the US.


PFO Heating & Air Conditioning removed the old air conditioning system from the Mikan’s Hamilton home and installed a new Payne central AC unit that uses Puron (R-410a) refrigerant.

Payne Central A/C System Installation In Hamilton, NJ

Payne® Central Air Conditioner 13 In Hamilton NJ

The Mikan Family needed a new cooling system to solve their home comfort issues. The cooling unit they had was old and damaged. After consulting with PFO Heating & Air Conditioning’s technician, the family decided that it would be to their best interest to replace their unit.

At PFO Heating & Air Conditioning, we highly recommend Payne heating and cooling systems. Payne’s air conditioning units are manufactured with durability and, therefore, last a long time. When investing in a Payne unit, you can also get high-quality equipment at an affordable cost. The unit itself offers quiet and efficient cooling. All of Payne’s products are designed and tested for long-lasting operation. Hence, we recommended the Payne® central air conditioner PA13NA for the Mikan home.

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Payne Air Conditioner Model PA13NA

This single-stage scroll compressor offers the comfort that the Mikan family needs. It has a durable single-speed fan motor that guarantees smooth-running operation despite the summer heat. The fan blades are uniquely designed to improve the unit’s economy and reduce the noise caused by the turbulent air movement. It is also equipped with rubberized isolation pads to minimize noise further. Other vital features of this Payne central AC include:

  • 13 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)
  • Single-stage compressor operation
  • System protecting filter drier
  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Quiet performance
  • System durability that can withstand debris and adverse weather
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Protective inlet grille panels for easy coil cleaning
  • Galvanized steel with a baked-on powder coat finish
  • 10-year limited warranty for parts

Investing in this new AC make and model improved the comfort of the Mikan family home. At the same time, they also reduced their cooling costs and increased their Hamilton NJ home property value. The Payne central cooling system pays for itself in the form of reduced energy costs, making it a great return on investment. They can rest easy knowing that they can count on their new air conditioner for many years to come.

Payne Air Conditioner Model PA13NA

When To Replace Your Air Conditioner In Hamilton NJ

cooling system replacement in a hamilton nj homeOne of the sure signs that your air conditioner requires an AC replacement is a cooling unit that does not operate to its maximum capacity. Combine this with the increased cooling costs, then the switch to a new and more efficient system is an easy one.

It is evident that replacing an air conditioner is expensive, but a damaged A/C that performs poorly also generates expensive costs.

Knowing when to replace your air conditioner saves homeowners the hassle and cost of dealing with a cooling system that needs to be replaced. These telltale signs that indicate your home needs a new AC system include the following:

  • Age: How long have you had your air conditioner? Knowing how old your cooling unit gives you an idea when you need to start thinking of getting a replacement. A/C systems typically last from 10 to 15 years old. Just like any other machine, its efficiency and effectivity deteriorate with age. When your AC reaches ten years old, then it is time to think about saving for a new AC.
  • Higher Operational Costs: Does your cooling unit need frequent repairs? An AC that requires frequent repairs is not working at optimum efficiency anymore and is most likely nearing the end of its rope. As a result, you’re probably spending too much on repairs. You’re also probably paying a higher than usual monthly energy bill. Rather than spending more than you should on a faulty AC unit, invest your hard-earned money to a newer and more efficient A/C system.
  • Performance Issues: Another indicator is when you notice unusually loud noises coming from your system. You might also see that your home is dustier than usual. Your AC acts like a giant vacuum and helps filter out the dust and debris from your house. When your A/C is experiencing operational problems, then you’ll end up with a dustier home as a result. You will also notice uneven temperatures throughout your home.
  • R-22 Ban: Does your AC use R-22? It was found out that R-22 has harmful effects on the ozone layer. Therefore, its use in new HVAC equipment was banned in 2010, and its production and import will be banned in 2020. As a result, it will become expensive and difficult to get this coolant. If you are still using an R-22 AC, then it will be costly when repairs require adding refrigerant to the system. Except for simple electrical issues, most emergency repairs require refrigerant charging. It will be more cost-effective to replace your old one with a modern AC that uses R-410A.


air conditioner that will not turn on

All of these are warning signs that it is time to begin shopping for new cooling equipment. Your air conditioner is a vital piece of equipment, especially when battling against the increasing summer heat. It is an investment that, when installed correctly, will quickly pay for itself. At the same time, your property value increases, and comfort is restored to your home.

If you need an upgrade to your home air conditioning system, contact PFO Heating & Air Conditioning for the best HVAC service in New Jersey. Our expert service technicians will provide you with comprehensive installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services to your home or commercial heating and cooling systems. Give us a call today at (800) 253-9001 to get started.

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Why You Ought To Replace Your R-22 AC Unit

refrigerantAir conditioners that were manufactured before 2010 use R-22 as a refrigerant. The Environmental Protection Agency had begun its phase-out process during the early 2000s because of the harmful effects it has on the environment.
By January 1, 2020, the production and import of R-22 will be banned entirely. It is being replaced by a refrigerant called R-410A, which has been in use since 2015. R-410A is a more environmentally-friendly refrigerant.
If you have an AC that uses R-22, then this phase-out will affect the maintenance and repair of your cooling system. For instance, if your A/C as a leak, then the costs will most likely double or triple. This is due to the limited supplies of R-22 left. Because this supply isn’t being replenished and there is high demand for it, the cost will not fluctuate and will keep rising instead. Therefore, most HVAC experts agree that it is a wise decision to replace an R-22 AC rather than endure the high costs that come with its repair.
Proper maintenance is vital to avoid refrigerant leaks. A cooling unit that is over ten years old and needs to be replaced soon requires professional tune-ups. This will give you the time you need to plan and save for a replacement. Make sure to schedule annual maintenance from a certified and trained expert to prevent paying for the cost of an expensive R-22 refrigerant charge of your outdated unit.

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