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Improvements in technology with backup generators give New Jersey and Pennsylvania homeowners total control over their electrical consumption needs. Generac home backup generators allow you and your family to have electricity in all or some of your home when your neighborhood is in the dark due to the local power company’s electrical outages.

Do any of these situations ring true with you? If so, download your free guide to learn more about Generac power backup solutions for your home.

  • You work from home and cannot afford to be left in the dark when your neighborhood is experiencing a power outage.
  • Young children or elderly individuals live in your home and it would be a safety concern to be left for hours or days without power.
  • The thought of being stranded in your home for extended periods of time with no electricity is a concern.
  • Your home is heated with an electric heat pump or electric baseboard which would create a major problem if the electricity to your house was disrupted during the winter.

We look forward to helping you with your home comfort needs!

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