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Improvements in ductless heat pump and cooling technology give New Jersey and Pennsylvania homeowners total flexibility for heating and cooling needs. Mitsubishi ductless solutions allow you and your family to have total comfort in all parts of your home, even when the outside temperatures drop as low as -13°F. These systems are extremely energy efficient guaranteed to save money on your utilities.

Do any of these situations ring true with you? If so, download your free guide to learn more about Mitsubishi heating and cooling solutions for your home.

  • Bonus rooms that are too hot to use all summer or too cold to use in winter.
  • Historic homes where new ductwork would damage the integrity of the construction.
  • Big family rooms that have hot or cold spots.
  • Additions where your current ducted system can’t get the job done.
  • Converted attics or basements that never feel comfortable.
  • Rooms with large glass exposures.
  • Bedrooms, especially master where your home comfort system just isn’t always getting it done.
  • High utility bills.

We look forward to helping you with your home comfort needs!

PFO Mitsubishi Product Guide
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