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Get fast and expert repairs on your HVAC system. Nobody likes dealing with a broken air conditioner in the heat of the summer or a broken heater in the winter. In some cases, these circumstances can lead to health risks or property damage due to poor air quality or frozen pipes.Call us now to get your HVAC Repair Princeton NJ.

Contact us for all your emergency repairs, heating and ac repairs and Princeton HVAC needs. We will get your home’s HVAC system working again.

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Emergency Heating or Cooling Service

PFO offers emergency “No Heat” and “No Cooling” repair services to homes and business within our service area. If you have a heating or cooling emergency, call us for immediate service. While our headquarters are in Hamilton Township, we can dispatch a heating and air service technician to your home quickly.

Our trucks are fully stocked with all of the parts and components that typical furnaces, boilers, hydronic heaters, heat pumps and central air conditioners need. Our heating and air conditioning technicians are also fully capable of repairing oil, gas, propane and electric systems. Call us today to get your broken HVAC system working again.

Princeton Heating and Cooling

Your family’s comfort is our primary concern. We want you to be comfortable in the heating season as well as the cooling season. Princeton summers can get hot, humid and sticky! With a properly working cooling system, the indoor air quality will be ideal. Just as the summers get hot, our winters can have some cold temperatures, often times below freezing. Having a broken heating system in the winter can mean dealing with frozen pipes and other property damage. Stay toasty warm by having PFO care for your heating system!

Air Conditioning in Princeton NJ

Our air conditioning repair contractors work on all types of home AC systems, everything from traditional ducted systems to mini-split, ductless units. When you want to have even cooling throughout your home, count on PFO! From air purifier solutions to optimal central air conditioning operation, PFO is the HVAC company you can rely on for total home comfort.

Our Princeton air experts can help with things like uneven cooling, 2nd floors being hotter than first floors, noisy AC systems, high indoor humidity, poor indoor air quality, constant outdoor condenser units freezing up and more. Contact us today to get a free in-home evaluation of your current air conditioner. We also handle air conditioning installation for your home or business.

Princeton Ductless Mini-Splits

Mini-split systems are the perfect, energy efficient solution for homes that need air conditioning and heating but cannot spare the room for the needed duct work that a traditional central air system utilizes. Ductless systems are great for older homes like stone farmhouses or historic properties.

These systems can be installed with minimal disruption to the existing property. Ductless heating and cooling is also perfect for additions like sun rooms, added rooms and even speciality rooms like a heated garage, pool house, man cave, etc. Contact us today, your ductless professionals heating and cooling HVAC company, for a free consultation.

Central Jersey Furnace Installation & Repair

Our furnace specialists will evaluate your forced air furnace to determine its longevity whenever we perform a repair. We want to make sure that the amount of money that you spend on repairs is not being thrown away on a system that will need to be replaced in the near future.

When you need to get a new furnace installed, consider us, your local HVAC installer, serving Princeton and all of Mercer County, NJ. Our total home comfort specialists will consult with you to determine the best upgrade for your furnace. We will discuss your budget and desires. We want to make sure that your new furnace operates at the highest efficiency levels and is installed within your budget.

Boiler Installation & Repair Princeton NJ

We are experts at installing and repairing gas, propane and oil boilers. When we work on your boiler heating system, rest assured you’re getting expert HVAC technicians. If your boiler is beyond repair or if our technicians believe that your boiler only has a few years left of operational efficiency, we will recommend an upgrade.

In this situation, we will recommend a new boiler installation that will have improved efficiency over your existing system. We will also work within your budget. Be sure to ask us about any special promotions, discounts and rebates as these are great ways to save additional money. As with all of our installations, our work is guaranteed. Call us today to schedule a free, in-home estimate for your repair and install needs.

Princeton Home Zoning & Thermostats

Larger homes typically require zoned controls. This helps to maintain the indoor temperature levels of your heat and air conditioning unit for maximum comfort. This also helps your heating and cooling system run more efficiently and use less energy. Additionally, the use of setback thermostats or digital thermostats helps conserve energy.

Our home comfort specialists are experts at HVAC zoning controls and thermostats. We can help you identify the most up to date, technically advanced thermostat for your home. Ask us about smart-home technology, Wi-Fi thermostat solutions and other high-tech options available for HVAC systems today.

08540: Hybrid Heat Pump Installation & Repair

Hybrid heat pumps are great options in today’s market. These systems will keep you and your family comfortable, even during the coldest of temperatures. Heat pumps are extremely efficient and will help you save money month over month on your utility bills. Contact us today for free consultation to learn how a hybrid heat pump installation can be done in your Princeton home.

Princeton Water Heater Installation and Repair

Did you know that PFO also installs water heaters. In some circumstances, your heating system doubles as a water heater. However many systems are independent. When you need a new water heater installation performed in your Princeton home, consider PFO. We are experts at tankless water heaters such as Rinnai systems, as well as traditional tank water heaters. Our technicians are skilled at installing both gas and electric water heaters. Contact us today for a free plumbing heating estimate.

Oil to Gas Conversions in NJ

On occasion, we are approached by homeowner that keeps their house with oil. They want to know about oil to gas conversions. With the advancements in technology in the HVAC industry, oil boilers and oil furnaces are just as efficient as their gas equivalents. Oftentimes, the cost to convert an oil system to gas does not make sense when the homeowner evaluates the cause of the current version, the cost of the fuel over the operational lifespan of the unit and the efficiency levels of the two options.

However, our technicians are certainly capable of performing an oil to gas conversion and installing a gas heating system. To determine the best, most efficient and least costly option, contact our own comfort specialist. We will be more than happy to discuss your options and help you weigh the pros and cons.

Did you know that we also install backup power home generator solutions? back up generators provide your home energy during times of power outages. Call us, your back up power contractors in Princeton, to learn more.

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