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R22 Phase Out, Time is Running Out
Will Your A/C System Keep You Cool This Summer?

R-22 Refrigerant Is In Scarce Supply!

Just imagine coming home from work on a hot, humid summer day and entering an even hotter home. Whaaat? That’s right, your air conditioning system just broke down on the hottest day of the year. What happened?

If your air conditioning system is older than 10 years it is very possible that your AC system is losing its charge due to the refrigerant being used. That’s just a fancy way of saying that your central AC system can no longer cool your home.

Does My Air Conditioner Use R-22 Refrigerant?
Air Conditioning R-22 Refrigerant Shortages Due To The U.S. Government Mandate To Phase Out The Manufacturing & Distribution Of R-22 Refrigerant.
r22 phase out

Older air-conditioning systems used a special refrigerant gas called R-22. This refrigerant has been phased out by the United States government and is no longer allowed in the country.

In fact, after we reached the government-mandated cessation date of January 1, 2020, the price of R-22 refrigerant gas is increasing drastically.

To make matters worse, the supply of R-22 is rapidly dwindling. In fact, air conditioning service companies will not be able to get their hands on enough R-22 to service all of their customers this year!

Freaking out about now?

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What Are Your Options Today?

Stay “AS-IS” and find a supplier for R-22 gas. This is becoming harder and harder with each passing year. If you’re lucky enough to find a dealer that is willing to service your old R-22 AC, you are going to pay an arm and a leg for the gas. You see, it’s getting more expensive every year. Its basic economics of supply and demand. Less supply and higher demand = $$$$$!  Recent legislation has forced the phase-out of the gas, consequently, prices are jumping.

The day is rapidly approaching when R-22 refrigerant gas WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE.

Convert your existing air conditioning system from R-22 to a replacement refrigerant. Replacing the refrigerant requires the existing condenser to be totally evacuated of R-22 and a replacement refrigerant added to the system. The average cost of this service option is approximately $1,300 to $1,500.  Most new central air systems can be replaced starting at $4,500. Considering that a replacement refrigerant is not going to last, it makes no sense to invest in an antiquated AC unit. It is better to invest in a replacement unit that you can expect to last for 17 years.

Install a new air-conditioning system that runs on the approved refrigerant known as Puron (R-410A). If your air conditioning system is old enough that it is still running on R-22 refrigerant, it is nearing the end of its effective lifespan. Your AC system will need to be replaced in the very near future.

Additionally, the last couple winters have been unseasonable warm, allowing our customers to save money on their heating bills. This energy savings can easily be leveraged into a new central air conditioning system, one that is fully compliant with the Government’s mandated R-22 phase out.

Act now and be eligible for up to $1,500 in money saving rebates with the purchase of a new Carrier gas furnace and central air conditioning system.

There is NO alternative! Once your R-22 AC system needs a recharge, you will be forced into one of the 3 options above. Act now, save money by being proactive in replacing your AC system.
cant sleep due to broken air conditioner

Avoid hot, sleepless summer nights due to broken central air conditioning. Eliminate an emergency situation by being proactive. This is going to save money in the long run. You might also qualify for cost savings rebates and other incentives by acting now instead of putting it off.

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