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Air Conditioning Installation Service

Air Conditioning Installation Service Keeps You Cool & Comfortable All Summer Long!

PFO Heating and Air Conditioning is the area’s leading installer of new air conditioning equipment for your home or business. We install Carrier and Mitsubishi cooling systems to provide you and your family reliable, lasting, cool comfort. Do not get stuck on a hot, humid summer day or night with a broken, outdated central AC system. Call PFO today to get your new home air-conditioning system installed.

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Cooling System Installation For All Types Of Residential & Commercial Properties In NJ and PA

PFO Heating & Air Conditioning is an authorized dealer and installer of Carrier air-conditioning systems and Mitsubishi ductless systems.

Our HVAC service technicians are skilled at the following:

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  • Central AC Upgrades & Replacements

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  • Central Air Conditioner Installation

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  • Ductless Cooling Installations

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Contact PFO today to schedule a free estimate for a new residential or commercial air conditioning system installation. Our expert technicians will evaluate your home’s cooling requirements. Working within your budget, we will determine the best solution to maximize your comfort and minimize your out-of-pocket investment. We will provide written estimates on all work to be performed and all of our work is backed by our workmanship guarantee and solid manufacturer’s warranties.

Have peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands when you call PFO Heating & Air Conditioning for your home comfort needs! Read more.

Best Air Conditioning Installation Services

PFO Heating & Air Conditioning is a certified and insured HVAC company in Hamilton Township. With years of expertise, dedicated professionalism, and a desire to help, we have continued to reach new heights every year. Our commitment is to our craft by assessing and understanding your comfort needs. For all of your heating and cooling needs, we are the number one option in all of Central NJ.

Central AC Installation

When the weather starts warming up, it’s best to consider upgrading your central AC system. Our experienced specialists will be more than happy to provide an in-depth consultation on a brand-new unit for your property. This unit will be well-designed, fully compact, and built to last as promised.

Before beginning, we ensure all quality and safety standards are upheld based on established regulations. The specialist will go through each detail before coming up with a comprehensive solution. This system will incorporate several variables including property dimensions, client needs, and previous systems. Once all of these details are accounted for, the installation process begins. We take pride in our work and always ensure the installation is in line with the client’s requirements.

Whether you’re looking for an air conditioner installation or cooling system upgrades, we have the right solution for you. PFO Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to provide a customized, all-in-one cooling solution once the project gets underway. We are competent, professional, and recognize what works best!

HVAC Services

For the ultimate heating and cooling installation, we have put time into honing our craft and recognizing what works best. This includes modern techniques, world-class parts, and a long list of established safety methods. By trusting PFO Heating & Air Conditioning, clients are gaining access to the best team in all of Hamilton Township.

Our HVAC services are heralded and offer tremendous advantages from day one.

As you sit down and ask for the best “heating and air conditioning repair near me,” take the opportunity to call our team. We will offer insight into the perfect solution based on your criteria.

Home Air Conditioning

Is your home starting to heat up during the summer months? Is it impossible to enjoy your time indoors with the sweltering heat making things uncomfortable?

This is a regular problem for residents in and around Hamilton Township and it doesn’t have to be. PFO Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to offer world-class AC installation services at a cost-efficient price. We make use of elite parts, top-rated techniques, and meaningful plans before coming up with the ideal home-based solution.

The system will be installed after determining your home’s needs including its size, number of inhabitants, and budget. We always customize our solutions and that’s what makes us the best HVAC contractors in NJ.

Carrier AC Systems

Established in 1915, Carrier has become a well-recognized brand in the world of cooling. It’s synonymous with quality, consistency, and perfection.

For those looking to install a brand-new Carrier system, we provide the perfect selection of services to account for your request. Our company has access to a wonderful list of accredited local Carrier dealers and is also recognized as an official provider of Carrier products. We ensure the quality and legitimacy of each system is fully verified before installation.

Trust our Carrier installation services and know the job will be done with professionalism.

Mitsubishi Ductless Cooling

Ductless cooling is an innovative, powerful solution for homes in NJ and continues to be an ideal option. With years of professional experience around ductless setups, we can harness the power of your system and turn it into something extraordinary. Our specialists are trained to handle the rigors of these installations and will make sure the results are flawless.

For a ductless AC installation, our services provide the perfect balance of competency and quality ensuring exceptional results.

Our ductless cooling systems are certified, verified, and work in sync with the property’s layout. For picture-perfect cooling, we have all the answers!

To learn more about PFO Heating & Air Conditioning, please call now for a detailed consultation with one of our trusted representatives. We will take the opportunity to provide a comprehensive assessment of what’s required. When it comes to meeting your heating and cooling needs, no one does it better than us!

Carrier Solutions

We offer traditional “ducted” system installations. These systems blow hot or cold air throughout your home or business through a system of ducts that are installed in the walls of your building. PFO has teamed up with the market leader in this technology, Carrier.

Learn More About Carrier Solutions

Mitsubishi Solutions

Ductless systems (mini-split systems), are highly efficient, flexible heating & cooling options. If you have a hard to heat sections of your home, an addition or want to obtain zoned temperature controlled heating & cooling, Mitsubishi solutions are perfect for you.

Learn More About Mitsubishi Solutions

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