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diagram showing the parts of a mini split ductless heating system

How A Ductless Heating & Cooling System Works

Ductless split systems provide targeted heat or cold air for single rooms or entire houses where conventional central furnaces are too expensive or are not practical to install.

Here is how a Mitsubishi ductless system works in a single room application:

  1. An indoor head unit is mounted on a wall in the room to be heated and/or cooled. This unit distributed the cool or warm air into the room in a whisper quiet mode.
  2. The line set connects the indoor head unit to the outdoor unit via a small 3″ hole through the homes exterior wall.
  3. The outdoor unit is a high efficiency heat pump. This unit heats up or cools down the refrigerant from the line set and sends the temperature controlled refrigerant to the indoor head unit.

Mitsubishi ductless units can cool or heat a single zone or multiple zones in your home.

Single Zone Heating & Cooling

single zone cooling for a room with ductless AC

Single zone units offer individual comfort control to a more confined space within your home. This is an ideal solution for handle problem spots within your home that are hard to heat or cool such as a home addition, sun room and a remodeled area in the basement or garage.

Learn more about single zone Mitsubishi solutions by watching the video below:

Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling

Multi-zone heating and cooling solutions by mitsubishi

Multi-zoned ductless solutions offers temperature controls in multiple rooms, unlike traditional homes with a single thermostat that controls multiple rooms. Mitsubishi multi-zone systems offer individualized, room-by-room comfort and control.

Learn more about multiple zone heating and cooling with Mitsubishi by watching the video below:


Very Flexible Solutions

Ductless heating and cooling units deliver air directly into designated areas of your home. These systems consist of a small outdoor unit and one or multiple indoor heads. The installation is easy and noninvasive.

Save You Money

Dustless systems are much smaller than traditional forced-air HVAC systems. Since the hot or cold air is delivered directly in the desired part of the home, there is no loss in efficiency or wasted utility expenses.

Easy to Install

Mini Split systems do not require the extensive amount of ductwork or installation overhead that traditional systems require. Ductless units only require a three inch hole and access to electricity.

Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

Mitsubishi units operate on a refrigerant called R410A. This refrigerant is recognized for its zero ozone depletion potential. What does that mean? Ductless heating and cooling has less impact on the environment.

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