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gas heater tune up

Gas Heating Service Plan

The PFO annual Gas Heating Service Plan includes complete cleaning and inspection on a yearly basis of your gas heater, including oiling and adjusting of equipment at the time of the inspection, when necessary.

The following services will be performed under this plan:

  • Clean burners
  • Inspect flue pipes and draft diverter
  • Inspect air filters – recommend replacement if necessary
  • Check blower belt wear, tension, and alignment
  • Check blower motor and lubricate
  • Check blower for cleanliness – recommend removal and cleaning if necessary
  • Test for gas leaks in furnace
  • Test and adjust pressure regulator
  • Lubricate all necessary parts
  • Check and adjust pilot assembly
  • Clean and adjust all controls
  • Check operation of safety controls
  • Test for combustion leaks
  • Clean interior of vestibule or manifold compartment
  • Clean and adjust thermostat
  • Adjust burner for efficiency
  • Check gas valve
  • Check furnace operation
  • Inspect wiring on furnace
  • Check baffles in furnace and inspect heat exchanger
  • Check draft at breaching
  • Check for combustible material near furnace
  • Make recommendation of any needed repairs to system

Terms & Conditions

  1. Any repairs needed beyond the scope of this Agreement will only be made with the customer’s approval.
  2. All parts will be discounted 20% from our normal retail price.
  3. Normal Hours
    1. Summer: April 16 through October 14
      8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday
    2. Winter: October 15 through April 15
      7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., Monday through Friday
      8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Saturday

When service is requested after hours, on holidays during the winter; or on holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the summer, a labor charge of time and one half will be billed at our discounted rate.

  • PFO shall provide only trained and qualified technicians employed or supervised by the Company.
  • Services performed are not a guarantee against obsolescence or normal wear.
  • PFO shall warrant all parts and materials to the extent they are warranted by the supplier or manufacturer.
  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing, labor is warranted for 30 days after completion of service or installation. Warranty work is performed during our normal business hours, but can be performed after normal business hours if the Customer pays the difference between the standard labor rate and the overtime labor rate.
  • Until the final payment is made, PFO will retain the title to all materials and equipment it installs.
  • Unless prior arrangements have been made, payment is due upon receipt of invoice. A monthly finance charge, equal to the highest allowable interest rate, may be levied on Customer’s account if delinquent over 30 days.
  • In the event Customer’s account must be referred to attorneys for collection, Customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees, court costs and full collection costs.
  • Customer will carry fire, extended coverage and other necessary insurance.


PFO shall use ordinary care in performing all service and installations, but shall not be liable for:

  1. Damage or loss resulting from corrosion, freezing, electrolysis, drain stoppage, plumbing leaks or malfunctions, failure of a utility service, low voltage conditions, lighting, single phasing or other electrical abnormalities:
  2. Damage, loss or delays resulting from fire, explosion, flooding, the elements, labor troubles, or any other cause beyond our control;
  3. Damage or loss from failure to discover a condition requiring repair or replacement;
  4. Damage or loss resulting from improper operation or misuse of equipment by Customer, Customer’s employees, agents or tenants;
  5. Replacements or repairs caused by negligence by others, abuse, misuse or any other cause beyond our control, including faulty design of the equipment or system;
  6. Injuries to persons or damage to property except those directly caused by negligent acts of PFO’s employees;
  7. Expense incurred in removing, replacing or refinishing part of the building structure necessary for the performance of any service or installation;
  8. Any present or future taxes, charges or any other government fees;
  9. Any items of equipment, labor or special tests required or recommended by insurance companies, equipment vendors or government authorities.
  10. Lost profits or other consequential damages, even if PFO has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  11. The identification, detection, abatement, encapsulation, storage, removal or transportation of any regulated or hazardous substances. Regulated or hazardous substances may include, but are not limited to asbestos, certain refrigerants and refrigerant oils. If any such products or materials are encountered during the course of work, PFO can discontinue work until regulated or hazardous materials have been removed or hazard or liability is eliminated. PFO shall receive an extension equal to the delay to complete the work and reserves the right to be compensated for any loss due to a delay.
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