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Do you have a hard time keeping your house cool? Do you feel uncomfortable in your own home?

If you experience some of these signs below, then it’s time to think to replace your current air conditioner:

  1. Your AC unit is 10 years old or more
  2. Your equipment needs frequent repairs or has breakdowns
  3. You want to reduce the cost of your energy bills
  4. You cannot use some of the rooms in your house because they’re too hot or too cold
  5. You need a programmable thermostat to save energy during periods of time that nobody is at home
  6. Your home is very humid in the summer
  7. Your cooling system is noisy
  8. Your home has excessive dust
old air conditioners

Forget about these old, inefficient window unit air conditioners. What your home needs is a new high-efficiency air conditioning system that will keep your home cool and will reduce the cost of your energy bills!

Are you still not convinced? Learn more about the reasons you should consider changing your AC unit now.

Savings calculator

Considering a new air conditioning system?

Calculate now how much savings you can get by purchasing a high-efficiency air conditioning system. Click the button below to download our high-efficiency AC savings calculator:

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