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Energy Kinetics Accel CS

Accel CS Boilers

Save Up to 40% Off Your Heating Bills With A New 90+ Resolute Boiler

PFO Heating & Air Conditioning proudly partners with a variety of manufacturers to deliver the quality products our customers expect and deserve. The boiler systems designed and manufactured by Energy Kinetics offer optimal performance and comfort, along with exceptional energy savings for residential customers.

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The Most Efficient Condensing Boiler

UP to 97% AFUE
Highest Efficiency
Fuel Types: Natural Gas, Propane
Residential and Commercial Use

  • Whisper Quiet
  • Nearly Endless Hot Showers
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Up to 97% AFUE
  • Natural gas or propane, easy to convert
  • Higher grade stainless steel than other condensing boilers, AL294C condensate collector
  • Convenient wall or floor mount
  • Gas protection alarm included with every system
  • SmartBoost for better comfort
  • Built-in Auto Express Setup and no second pump is needed, improving efficiency over other condensing boilers.

Why Choose An Energy Kinetics Accel CS Boiler?

For over 35 years, Energy Kinetics has been committed to designing and manufacturing innovative boiler systems that improve efficiency, reduce heating costs, and deliver incredible value for both residential and commercial clients alike. With products that offer outstanding performance and incredible longevity, it’s easy to see why so many customers trust this family-owned company, which not only makes their products in the USA but uses domestically-sourced materials.

When properly installed and maintained by an authorized dealer like PFO Heating & Air Conditioning, your Energy Kinetics boiler system should last 30 years or more, significantly surpassing the life expectancy of typical cast iron boilers. Plus, it can reduce your heating costs by up to 40% (or more), as compared to competitive products with similar AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings.

The only question is which boiler system you want to install, and which model is right for your space. There are several options to choose from, but the most efficient and versatile, hands down, is the Accel CS system, which incorporates condensing technology as part of a combined system.

If you’re looking for the superior quality, optimal efficiency, and maximum longevity that innovative heating and hot water technologies can provide, one of the Accel CS models is sure to please. When you partner with the qualified team of authorized professionals at PFO Heating & Air Conditioning for installation and maintenance services, you have the best opportunity to enjoy the savings and nearly unlimited hot water these products provide for decades to come.

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What will you get with an Energy Kinetics Accel CS model from PFO Heating & Air Conditioning?

Maximum Efficiency

Accel CS systems are distinctive, even among Energy Kinetics products, because they offer the highest level of efficiency with a 97% AFUE rating. These models are suitable for both residential (typical, large, very large, and the largest homes) and commercial properties. Whether you choose natural gas or propane fuel, you’ll get nearly unlimited hot water, along with safety features like gas protection alarms that inform you of unsafe levels of combustible gas or carbon monoxide that could pose health and safety risks.

Practical considerations include multiple mounting points for your convenience, with both wall and floor mount options. In addition, Accel CS boiler systems incorporate up to five times as much stainless steel as other condensing boilers, and they utilize higher grade, American made stainless steel, including an AL294C condensate collector. This contributes to an integrated system that is touted as the most efficient condensing boiler on the market.

Accel CS models produce both hot water and heat, delivering far greater efficiency than separate systems that notoriously consume excessive energy in cold climates. The addition of a built-in Auto Express Setup eliminates the need for the secondary pump that disrupts efficiency in competitive brand boilers.

You’ll enjoy speedy recovery from rollback temperature settings, creating warm and comfortable living spaces, nearly endless hot water for your entire home (bath, kitchen, and laundry), and incredible savings on home or commercial heating costs. This is especially true when you partner with an authorized and authoritative dealer like PFO Heating & Air Conditioning for installation and maintenance services. For additional information, download the product guide.

Optimal Performance and Exceptional Comfort

Maintaining a warm and comfortable interior environment when you live in a cold weather region is essential, but you don’t want to overpay to accomplish this goal. Energy Kinetics boiler systems are designed to deliver the outstanding performance you expect, along with improved efficiency that saves you money.

Accel CS systems, like all Energy Kinetics products, are designed to provide superior value at every turn, which is why they’re not only efficient, but also whisper quiet. You won’t suffer the knocking, pinging, gurgling, and whistling common to other water heaters when you choose Energy Kinetics products.

These models, in particular, also feature SmartBoost technology, which is designed to automatically adjusts to keep your home warm and comfortable as quickly as possible, without compromising condensing operation or energy efficiency. Many home and business owners program temperature rollbacks overnight to conserve energy and cut costs.

Other systems can be slow to recover, leaving you with a morning chill. When the thermostat adjusts to programmed daytime temperatures or you manually adjust the thermostat, the Accel CS system responds with speedy heat to meet your demand without unduly increasing costs.
Choosing Energy Kinetics advanced boiler systems for your home or commercial setting is a no-brainer, as is having them installed and maintained by a reputable and reliable authorized dealer like PFO Heating & Air Conditioning.

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