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Energy Kinetics Installation

Energy Kinetics Heating Systems

When homeowners are looking for quality, dependability, and comfort in a boiler heating system, there is no better choice than an Energy Kinetics boiler. These systems operate with gas, oil or propane, are locally built in New Jersey and are extremely reliable! Energy Kinetics has been manufacturing boiler heating systems since 1979. Best of all, Energy Kinetics heating systems are design to be built to standards that exceed ASME standards.

Energy Kinetics: Made in the USA, Whisper Quiet & Efficient!

Oil or Gas – A new Energy Kinetics heating system (and domestic hot water) will provide your family with lasting comfort at a fraction of the heating expense! Work with PFO and energy Kinetics for quality comfort with up to a 40% savings in fuel expenses.

Choose The Right Heating System For Your Home

Energy Kinetics offers several models of boilers ranging from an 87% AFUE rating all the way up to a 97% AFUE rating. Our expert staff at PFO Heating & Air Conditioning will help you choose the best system for unique needs, budget and comfort levels. We will help you navigate the pros and cons of each system by discussing Energy Kinetics’ features such as:

  • Exceptional 40% savings in your home’s fuel costs
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • A hot water supply that is practically never ending
  • A long-standing, top-rated track record of reliability
  • Features that make annual service and maintenance super easy
  • Steel boilers
  • Can be operational on a variety of fuel sources such as oil, gas or propane
Energy Kinetics Boilers
happy family in nj with new energy kinetics boiler installation

Quality Construction For Longer Lasting Heating Systems

The boiler manufacturing industry has long been producing boiler heating systems constructed of cast iron. At Energy Kinetics, they do things differently! They build their boilers with steel which has time and again outperformed cast iron. Did you know that cast iron is essentially a less pure variation of steel? Also, due to its brittle nature, cast iron can crack easily. Steel construction is one of the differentiators setting Energy Kinetics apart from the competition.

Every Energy Kinetics boiler comes with the manufacturer’s residential lifetime protection and a 10-year labor allowance warranty. This is the industry’s best warranty on the market.

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Energy Kinetics Is Proud To Be Made In The USA (In New Jersey)

All Energy Kinetics boilers are made right here in New Jersey. Additionally, they are made with materials sourced from America and the steel they use in their boilers comes from local steel mills. Energy Kinetics goes as far as utilizing renewable solar energy in its manufacturing facility to fabricate their boilers.

Energy Kinetics pays extra attention to the little details to ensure their systems are the highest quality boiler on the market. They employ a team of ASME certified welders as well as their own designed and customized robotic automation systems to ensure the final product meets a high-quality standard.

Energy Kinetics System 2000

System 2000

  • Efficiency: High
  • Use: Residential and Commercial
  • Fuel Types: Natural Gas, Oil, Propane
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90+ Resolute

90+ Resolute

  • Efficiency: Higher
  • Use: Residential
  • Fuel Types: Natural Gas, Oil, Propane
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Energy Kinetics Accel CS

Accel CS

  • Efficiency: Highest
  • Use: Residential and Commercial
  • Fuel Types: Natural Gas, Propane
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Boiler Heating System Solutions

One question you may be asking yourself is; I need a new boiler, should I install a mod-con boiler, a wall-hung boiler, a combi boiler or an Energy Kinetics boiler? Boilers used to be a cast iron section that contained water and a fire burned under the cast iron. Yes, this is but stick with us for a minute. The boiler industry saw innovations with the introduction of mod-con boilers (modulating condensing) boilers. In the quest for finding more efficient and smaller heating systems, wall hung units and combi boilers began to hit the market.

All three of these newer style boilers (mod-con, wall hung and combi boilers) have similar issues. For example, in their efforts to minimize space, they all have poorly designed critical water and air passages which can easily become fouled over time. Additionally, as the manufacturers aimed to drive market prices lower for these units, they settled for using inferior materials such as aluminum or lower grade stainless steel. The result is a boiler that corrodes faster than an Energy Kinetics boiler.

Conversely, the engineers over at Energy Kinetics decided to focus on long life spans, sustained energy efficiency, and dependability. The Energy Kinetics boilers are designed with high-grade materials, with excellent thermodynamics and heat transfer engineering principles as well as focus on the serviceability of the heating systems.

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Energy Efficiency

Save up to 40% or more on your fuel bill with a newly installed, energy efficient Energy Kinetics boiler heating system.

Quiet Operation

Energy Kinetics boilers are extremely quiet. In fact, they run quieter than the typical household microwave oven!


Energy Kinetics systems are environmentally friendly heating systems as they help homeowners decrease their footprint by running extremely energy efficiently.

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