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Getting your home heating oil delivery has never been easier in Parkland, . We offer The best of both worlds when it comes to heating oil delivery options – full service and online, discount oil. Not sure which is best for you? Continue reading to learn more about our Parkland fuel delivery options.

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Full Service Oil Plans
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Trusted Home Heating Oil Delivery To Parkland PA.

Not sure if you want full service oil delivery or discounted oil? We offer both.

Full service oil delivery is great for households that do not want to worry about placing their orders in a timely manner. Our full-service customers will receive automatic oil deliveries to their home when needed. Eliminate the risk of running out of oil and the needless worry of having a no heat situation. Additionally, our full-service customers receive priority service calls when their heating systems need work. Get started now by clicking the button below.

Get Started With a Full Service Oil Plan

Interested in ordering into your own hands? Are you looking to save money on your home heating oil? Our online, 24/7 option may be the best fit for you. Simply place your oil order online and receive your delivery within 3 to 5 days afterwards. Since this option eliminate some of our overhead, we can pass the savings directly on to you. Get started now by clicking the button below.

Get Started With Discount, Online Oil Ordering

Traditional Full Service & Automatic Delivery Options To Parkland

Heating Oil Budget Plans

Our budget option allows the customer to spread their yearly heating costs over an 11 month period. We calculate your monthly budget amount by establishing what we feel a fair average price for the coming winter estimating your fuel consumption for the year.

Oil will be delivered to your Parkland home or business automatically and billed to your budget account.

Oil Pre-Buy Plans

Our Pre-buy plan offers our automatic delivery customers the option to pre-purchase all of their fuel for the upcoming heating season. Pre-buy pricing protects you from unexpected rises in price. With our Pre-buy option, you make a single upfront payment for the gallons you are purchasing for the year which will be stored until all of your gallons are delivered to you. The minimum amount of oil we will store for each individual Pre-buy customer is 300 gallons. You would choose this option if you feel fuel oil prices will rise rather than fall during your contracted time period.

Price Cap Protection Plan

Our Cap protection plan puts a cap on your heating oil price that guarantees not to exceed the contracted cap price. The cap plan protects our automatic delivery customers from price spikes, but still gives you the benefit of any price drops in heating oil prices. If the market price ever exceeds your contracted cap price, the cap plan will ensure that the highest price you pay is your contracted cap price. Customers on this plan will be placed on our 11 month budget and will be charged a small fee to enter into this contract.

Do You Prefer To Manage Your Own Parkland Heating Oil Deliveries?

PFO Offers Online Ordering, 24/7, For Our Discount Customers New and Old

At PFO we have Heating Oil pricing that fits every budget and level of service that our customers are looking to acquire. Simply click the button below and you will be directed to our Discount Heating Oil web site. Registration is simple, fast and easy. Follow the prompts and you will have your next order of heating oil delivered before you know it. Once you are registered with our PFO discount site you will be able to place future online orders from you mobile device, tablet etc…. In just four simple clicks. Enjoy!



Heating oil is safe and non-explosive. Unlike natural gas or propane, heating oil will not ignite until its temperature reaches 140 degrees. If you dropped a lit match in heating oil the match will extinguish on contact.


Oil heating systems have a longer life span than their gas counterparts. Average life spans of oil heaters is 30+ years if they are properly maintained. Conversely, natural gas furnaces only have life spans of 11 to 14 years.


You are in total control when heating your home with fuel oil. Unlike natural gas which gives you limited choices when picking your provider. There are many choices when it comes to heating oil providers, allowing you to choose the company with the best service, pricing and options.


Home Heating Oil Parkland PA Questions

Q: I need to order oil for my boiler. This is a new home for me and a new procedure. What is associated with getting an oil delivery?

A: It is simple to order oil on the internet with our service company. Simply create an account and place your order. The process takes less than 5 minutes.

Q: At what point in time are the fees the lowest when it comes to buying home heating oil.

A: The off season or the summer time are commonly the best times of the year to get heating oil if you are price-conscious. Normally, the price of oil is at its least expensive during these times.

Q: Does it damage my heating system if I run out of heating oil?

A: It is never a great idea to run out of oil. If that takes place the best thing to do is to get oil in your tank without delay and restart your heating system. Having said that, if you do run out of oil, in most cases, you will not damage your heater. Sometimes, you will need to have a service tech to come to the property to flush the line and restart your heating system.

Q: Do I need to be concerned about my pilot light being blown out?

A: Thankfully, there is no pilot light for oil-fueled HVAC systems. Since oil-fueled systems do not use a pilot light, this means that you are not using resources when your furnace is not working. This is another instance of why oil-fueled systems are efficient, cost less, and are better for the environment.

Q: What is the lifespan of my home heating oil system?

A: Fortunately, these units tend to survive for a long time. They generally last about 30 or more years. Do realize that the newer the system, the more reliable that it will be.

Q: My furnace is not heating, what do I need to do to get it started again?

A: Inspect your circuit breakers because your heating system does need electricity to work. Ensure that your tank has heating oil in it. If you do certainly have oil, then turn your thermostat all the way up. Check out your furnace and press the reset button one time. If your furnace starts to work and remains on, then don’t forget to adjust your thermostat to the comfort level of your choice. If it, regrettably, does not remain on, then your will need to contact a contractor to have a look at it.

Q: My oil-fired heating system is older than a decade. What should I do?

A: All HVAC systems tend to comply with the same efficiency rule. The older that they are, then less efficient that they end up being. This means that they generate higher fuel costs. However, do note that, according to the Consumer Energy Council of America, altering fuel sources is not a cost-effective choice. A far better way to spend your funds would be to stick with the same fuel source but to update your system.

Many household owners have to deal with changing home heating expenditures. These expenses tend to change and so it is always a concern just how much to set aside when the winter season arrives. When the costs tend to be greater than normal, it tends to come out of saving accounts which never makes anyone happy. There are many efforts that can be completed to help reduce these costs. You might seal your house windows, weather strip your entrances, and even lower the thermostat. Even though all of this certainly helps, you still need to pay home heater costs. You want your home to be comfortable when it is winter outdoors.

Heating up your home can really impact your monetary situation. This is particularly the case when you experience a long and harsh wintertime. This makes home heating costs astronomical. You can not do anything to change the heating oil rates. However, you can find ways to reduce the prices that you pay for your heating oil. Many heating oil companies offer plans that save you money.

Choosing The Best Heating Oil Plan

Pre-Buy, Capped Oil Prices, Or Heating Oil Budget Plans

When you opt for a heating oil Parkland plan, it indicates that you are locking in the rate that you pay for heating oil throughout the year. As mentioned previously, the rate for heating oil often tends to fluctuate depending on factors such as crude oil prices, geopolitical unrest in oil producing nations, and supply/demand. When you opt for a locked price or a pre-buy plan, then you are pre-purchasing your #2 fuel oil and you will not experience the potential increase that is typically seen with heating oil specifically throughout the winter season. This is a fantastic way to save on money since you will take the “guess-work” out of the budgeting for your home heating costs. A pre-buy plan has saved homeowners hundreds of dollars because they have knowledge of specifically how much they need to set aside for the wintry season. You will pay pre-season market value prices that are established for the time that you confirm your contract.

When you sign a contract for a price cap, then you are agreeing to pay a fixed price for the remainder of the winter season. The heating oil company is conceding that they will never charge you more than what is decideded upon on the day that you entered into the contract. If the rate of oil were to fall below the predetermined amount, then you would be paying the reduced prices. It is a win-win for customers for the reason that you will never surpass the amount agreed upon but you may obtain the convenience of paying for even lower prices if heating oil rates were to fall. This plan also enables home owners budget for home heater costs. Like most property owners, you are generally aware of how much heating oil is used throughout the wintertime. You can determine the costs by taking the amount of the price cap and multiplying it times the amount of gallons that you will utilize. Most individuals often tend to use about 100 gallons per month from December to February and then use 100 gallons for the remaining 9 months. However, this can be different depending upon what kind of winter season it is.

Some companies offer heating oil budget plans. This implies that your heating oil use is estimated and you will be able to pay for it throughout the duration of the year. This cuts down on having to pay much more during the cold season and significantly much less during the summer season. This gives property owners the alternative to have more of a constant rate without having the stress of breaking their bank account during the peak of the heating season.

The Market Value Of Heating Oil

Renters who are uncertain of the length of time they plan on signing a lease for and some home owners alike prefer to pay market value prices. However, this means that budgeting for home heating costs becomes quite challenging. The most effective option for situations like these is to set quite a bit aside assuming that it will stretch throughout the winter season. A person who opts to pay market prices needs to do some research to truly find out if this is the best option. It surely is not the solution that saves money but it does allow for flexibility. There is no contract to go into. This type of payment is most ideal when you know the fact that it will be an extremely moderate winter and there is a strong quantity of crude oil. It is always best to learn how rates for heating oil are established before you decide to pay market prices. You might realize that you are spending a lot more than you have to.

Below are the determinants for home heating oil costs:

  • Strong Demand:A variable that adds to the market price of heating oil is determined by the cost of crude oil. If the market for crude oil has been steady, then you can guarantee that your home heating costs will display this.
  • Crude Oil Values: As with most markets, the supply and demand of crude oil is something to consider. This has a major part in what you end up paying for heating oil. Crude oil supplies usually change based on variables such as weather conditions or political instability in countries that supply the majority of crude oil around the world. Furthermore, prices also tend to be higher when manufacturing of crude oil is reduced.
  • Local Market Circumstances: Local markets help determine what you will pay for heating oil. If there are not many heating oil businesses in your region or if you live outside of town, then you commonly pay more.

Final Thoughts:
Home heating costs will change from one season to another. It is always a good idea to determine what works for you and make the decision that saves you the most money. Typically a plan is a more intelligent way to go simply because you do end up saving money in the long run. It also is a great way to get consistency out of your home heating expenses that are dependent on the fluctuation of heating oil prices.

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